Procedural race track user evaluation.

Hello everyone! It’s time for a user evaluation of my dissertation project, which is the procedural generation of race tracks. Procedural generation is an algorithmic creation of game content. In this case, a program has been developed to create new racing tracks without a human designer. Now I’m looking to evaluate the quality of the generated tracks.

Download #1 – TORCS (44MB):


Download #2 – Tracks (pick ONE, ~5MB):


Download #3 – Consent form and questionnaire:



Instructions: The download link I’ve provided for TORCS is stripped down version of the game I’ve been working with (full download available here, if you like I tried to cut down the file size to make it easier for everyone. Download that and extract the folder inside to wherever you like. Then take your Download #2 (the tracks you’ll be playing) and copy the contents to the TORCS folder. To start the game, run wtorcs.exe.

Once wtorcs.exe is running, click ‘Race’, ‘Quick Race’ and then ‘Configure Race’. Note that you need to have copied over Download #2 for this to work. Using the left and right arrow keys you can switch between four tracks. One is ‘A-Speedway’, a standard TORCS track, and the others are labelled A, B and C. Click ‘Accept’ three times once you have selected a track until you are back at the Quick Race menu. Then choose ‘New Race’ to play.

Optionally, play A-Speedway to get a feel for the game. After that, play A, B, and C (in any order you like). The default lap setting is three laps. Controls for the game are just the arrow keys.

After you’ve completed all three mandatory tracks, please read and (if you agree) sign the consent form from Download #3, the fill in the questionnaire. NOTE: Please read the consent form and questionnaire before playing the game.

OPTIONALLY: If you have video capture software installed, I’d appreciate you recording your play session and sending the data to me.

When you have finished the questionnaire, please email it (and video footage, if you capture some) to If you would like the consent form and questionnaire in a different format (currently .docx/.pdf) please email me.

Thanks for participating!


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